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While traditional signage is still effective, impactful, and necessary for businesses of all sizes and industries, it’s important to consider using technology to your business’s benefit. Digital signs are an excellent way to combine the benefits of signage – such as attracting attention, guiding customers to your business, and building brand recognition – all with the benefits of digitization.

Not only does this type of signage reduce the costs and environmental impact of replacement signage, by allowing business owners to modify advertisements with the push of a button, but they also are dynamic and captivating.

If you’re ready to propel your business into the digital age, Heartland Signs and Graphics is ready to help!

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Learn About the Types of Digital Signs

Depending on the industry and unique needs of a business, the right type of digital sign for one business may not be the right choice for another. At Heartland Signs and Graphics, we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to signage.

We offer many options, so every client can find their ideal electronic sign, including but not limited to:

Electronic Menu Boards

As the saying goes, “your eyes eat first.” Use electronic menu boards to display images of food products and beverages and entice onlookers.

Digital Posters

Display your products, services, or branding in an eye-catching way. Update these advertisements continuously to showcase new promotions or upcoming events with event signs.

Interactive Signage

Let your customers become hands-on with your business through interactive signage.

Electronic Message Boards

Communicate clearly, effectively, and concisely with message boards that can be updated as many times as needed.

Discover How Outdoor Digital Signs Boost Your Business

Electronic signs help elevate marketing, advertising, and branding for businesses of all sizes and industries. To take full advantage of these signs, it is important to understand what they offer.

Draw Customer Attention Effortlessly

While traditional signage needs to include vibrant colors, creative designs, and illumination methods to garner attention, digital signage does it naturally.

The human eye is attracted to subtle movement and bright lighting, which are two features associated with digital sign boards and light up signs. Whether images, videos, or a compilation of both are displayed, this type of advertisement demands attention from passersby.

Make Your Brand Known

While it traditionally takes 5 to 7 impressions to make a brand memorable, digital signage reduces this number significantly because they have a recall rate of 83%! Brand recognition is imperative to the overall success of a business, as it builds trustworthiness, loyalty, and profits. The eye-catching nature of digital sign solutions increases the chances your signs will be both seen and remembered by onlookers.

Build Higher Profits with Effective Signage

Did you know that 80% of brands that use digital signs have recorded up to a 33% increase in sales? If you’re looking for a marketing tool to elevate your marketing strategy and boost sales, this type of signage is proven to be effective.

Be Dynamic with Interactive Digital Signs

One feature that takes your digital signs to the next level is the addition of interactive elements. From QR codes that onlookers can scan to games, product descriptions, or maps on touchscreen displays, customers and clients will be enticed to engage with the sign out of curiosity and excitement.

Interaction also provides the perfect opportunity to guide customers to additional areas of your business, whether it be your social media platforms or e-Commerce websites. The more people interact with your business, both physically and digitally, the more memorable you become. This can even lead to increased purchasing behavior and ongoing customer engagement.

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