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Are you looking for an easy way to elevate blank walls into works of art? Do you want to make a lasting impression on anyone who enters your business? Are you ready to transform your business space with eye-catching designs?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it’s time to consider investing in custom wall murals.

These larger-than-life displays instantly transform any room. From vibrant colors to professional corporate branding, explore the possibilities of wall murals with the help of our team at Heartland Signs and Graphics.

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Choosing the Right Type of Wall Murals

Before selecting wall mural wallpaper, it is important to determine what is best suited for your business in Milwaukee, WI. A range of factors go into this decision, including:

The overall goal of your project:- Whether you’re adding style to a certain area of your business, enhancing the ambiance, promoting your offerings, or showcasing company information, signage can make these goals happen. Once you understand what you’re hoping to achieve, you’ll be able to narrow down the types of murals that will make it possible.

Sign placement in your business:- Each location for a mural will impact its effectiveness and visibility, so consider where your mural will be most impactful. It is also helpful to evaluate foot traffic in key areas, identify any obstructions nearby, and consider environmental factors. If you only need a mural for a short duration, be sure to consider your options for removable wallpaper murals.

Our team at Heartland Signs and Graphics will walk you through all these considerations during your consultation. With local knowledge and years of experience, we help you determine the exact custom mural wallpaper type that address your needs and work towards your goals. Whether you’re in need of a removable wall mural, 3D wall mural, or self-adhesive wall mural, we have you covered at Heartland Signs and Graphics.

To make a wall mural, wallpaper is crafted from vinyl with an adhesive backing to produce a large, immersive display. Heartland Signs and Graphics can customize the design of your mural and its size to fit any wall, including:

Contact us to get started or if you need help determining where to begin with your signage project. Review our full range of designs with one of our business signage specialists to find the right choice for your space.

How Do Wall Murals Elevate a Room?

Different types of business signs in Milwaukee, WI, have the power to create memorable impressions for people in your business. The size and scale of murals makes them one of the most powerful types of signs in this regard. A mural – especially one in your entrance area, lobby, or gathering space – could be the first thing people see when they arrive at your business. This makes it a key tool that can help set the ambiance for your business, foster a specific mood, and elevate any business space.

Our murals can turn any blank wall into a masterpiece. Consider the benefits of installing a mural in these locations, including:

Educational Institutions

In daycares, schools, and campus buildings, murals create an inspirational environment for continuous learning. Use bright colors and positive messaging to engage students and teachers alike.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Murals can evoke a relaxing and calming environment for patients in hospitals and medical centers. Highlight the history of a hospital or specific medical achievements to reassure family members that their loved ones are in good hands.

Salons and Spas

Use nature-inspired designs to set the mood of your salon or spa. Wall murals are effective at immersing visitors in an environment and fostering your desired atmosphere.

Retail Stores

Custom murals position your business’s branding front and center. Use these sign solutions to feature products, promotions, and additional information about your business. 

Museums and Galleries

If you want to make a memorable, eye-catching display, murals are the answer. Enhance exhibits and identify key areas with custom murals to impress visitors.

Explore the Advantages of Murals

In addition to elevating rooms in your business, murals offer even more benefits. Since murals are custom crafted, they can be designed to showcase your branding; by incorporating your specific colors, fonts, and images, your brand will be eye-catching and memorable. A custom vinyl wall mural is capable of strengthening your branding and keeping your business top of mind, so customers return and refer your business to others.

Moreover, custom vinyl wallpaper can help create a warm, welcoming workspace for your employees. Depending on the type of atmosphere you’re striving for, you can customize your wallpaper to influence productivity, creativity, and visual appeal. For example, 3D mural wallpaper is a vibrant and energetic design that can brighten the space and encourage innovation. The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing murals with the help of Heartland Signs and Graphics.

Wall murals are vibrant and eye-catching, but that’s not all they offer. Consider these additional advantages for your business in Milwaukee, WI:


Even though vinyl is a thin, flexible material, it is also known for its strength and durability. Whether your mural is in a high-traffic area or outdoors, we guarantee it will look fresh and vibrant for years.


Murals give any room an instant makeover without the steep costs of other renovations. With our wide range of options, Heartland Signs and Graphics will help you find the right mural at the right price.

Easy Installation

There’s no need to worry about permits, damage, or a drawn-out installation process. Our team provides efficient installation services, so you can enjoy your wall graphics quickly and with minimal disruptions.

Extraordinary Wall Murals for Office Walls

Choosing to Work with Heartland Signs and Graphics

Developing business signs of this size requires support from a professional team. With wall murals being a key factor to the customer and employee experience – as well as an influence on your business’s perceptions – you’ll want only the best in Milwaukee, WI.

Heartland Signs and Graphics is a trusted provider of many sign solutions, including wall murals! Our team of talented sign makers is one you can count on. We work closely with our clients, regardless of their industry or business size, to craft a variety of sign solutions that elevate their business.

Heartland Signs and Graphics is your go-to sign company that serves customers across various industries in Southeast Wisconsin. Our team of talented, experienced sign specialists are excellent at creating innovative and impactful signage.

From calm nature motifs to informative history panels, we are ready to collaborate with you to achieve your business goals, meet your signage needs, and make your vision a reality.

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