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Are you a local business in Milwaukee, WI, or surrounding southeast regions, looking to maximize your attraction of target customers? This is the perfect opportunity to discover the power of illuminated signs.

According to a retail survey, over 60% of customers are more drawn to signs that are illuminated. This comes as no surprise since humans have a natural attraction to light. As such, lighted signs increase your business’s chances of being seen and standing out from the crowd.

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What Are Illuminated Signs?

As the name suggests, these are signs that are illuminated to display your design, branding, and/or message. Typically, they use LEDs to create bright, vibrant signs. This makes lighted signs ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Businesses in Milwaukee, WI benefit from the visibility that these signs bring. They are useful, especially in low-light environments, as they keep your business visible 24/7. At Heartland Signs and Graphics, we offer a wide selection of custom illuminated signs for your business needs. Discover what we have in store for you when you give us a call today.

Premium Illuminated Sign Options

Channel Letter Signs

These three-dimensional signs are typically used to display your business name or logo. They can be illuminated from within, creating a bright and vibrant sign that’s visible anywhere.

LED Signs

These signs use LED technology to create vibrant, dynamic signs that are durable and energy efficient. They are highly customizable and can be made to mimic the look of classic, sophisticated neon signs.

Backlit Signs

Backlit signs are dimensional signs that have LEDs installed from behind. When mounted, this sign creates a warm glow, resembling a halo, that’s hard to miss anywhere.

Cabinet Signs

These illuminated sign boards are also popularly known as box signs. They are illuminated from within, displaying your business name, logo, and other information effectively. Cabinet signs can stand alone or can be used as hanging signs, monument signs, or storefront signs.

The Impact of Illuminated Signage on Your Business

Signs already have a profound impact on any business. Adding illumination options takes them to the next level by offering the following benefits:

Increased Visibility

Illuminated signs make your business more visible to your target customers in Southeast Wisconsin. During the day, these bright, colorful signs compete with other advertisements and make your business stand out, whereas at night, they make it easier for customers to find your business.

Reinforce Your Brand

The visibility that these signs offer is perfect for reinforcing your brand identity and making a memorable impression on your customers.

Obtain a Competitive Edge

Regardless of being in a crowded, competitive environment, you can rest easy knowing that customers are bound to be drawn to your business by its signage.

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Are you ready to get the attention your business deserves? Invest in illuminated signs today and see your business shine in Milwaukee, WI! At Heartland Signs and Graphics, we have your business and branding needs covered. Through lighted signs, you’re sure to stand out, make an impact on potential customers, and generate interest for your business. Call us today to maximize your business’s potential and get a free consultation with our sign experts.
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