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Custom Sandwich Board Signs Milwaukee, WI

Are you searching for effective temporary signs in Milwaukee, WI? Consider the possibilities of sandwich board signs. These eye-catching signs are typically placed on sidewalks outside establishments to drive foot traffic through the front door. The most significant advantage of sandwich boards is that they are durable and fold up easily for storage, making them a lasting signage investment for years.

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Most A-frame sandwich board signs consist of two sign panels connected at the top by a hinge. The hinge allows the panels to fold out for display or fold up for storage. Despite the similarities in design, working with a professional sign company like Heartland ensures you’ll find the right custom sandwich board sign for your needs. Our selection of custom signs includes, but is not limited to:

Uses of Sandwich Board Signs

Business owners across many industries in Milwaukee, WI, select sandwich board signs because of their versatility. Some of the most common uses of these signs include:

Special Promotions

Sandwich board signs are ideal for advertising promotions like sales or events. Restaurants can also use these signs to display their menu or generate interest in daily specials.


A well-placed sandwich board helps people locate your business’s entrance, especially if it is hidden or out of the way. Consider using one of these signs to guide people through the front door.

Temporary Signage

Sandwich boards are the perfect short-term signage option because of their affordability and storage options. These signs alert people about construction, detours, or limited-time events.

Uncover the Benefits of Sandwich Board Signs

The process of finding the right creative sign solutions for businesses starts with understanding the intention for business signs. Whether you need to increase the visibility of your business or want to advertise a particular event, we have the right option to help you achieve your goals. As each sign option also has its own unique set of benefits, we will ensure you take advantage of them to the fullest too! Explore the additional benefits you unlock when investing in sandwich board signs:


Compared to other signage options, sandwich boards are an affordable investment. Given the wide variety of these sign solutions, we will work with your budget to find a sign that fits your needs.

Storage Options

When your sandwich board sign is ready for storage, simply fold it up. These signs are compact, which allows them to fit easily in an office or storage room when they are not in use. Since sandwich boards are durable, they can be reused year after year, if they are stored correctly.

Increase Foot Traffic

Sandwich boards can be placed anywhere – from busy sidewalks to indoor shopping malls. These signs effectively capture passersby’s attention and guide people into a business. Invest in a sandwich board to give your foot traffic a boost.

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