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Custom Acrylic Signs Milwaukee WI

Custom signs are an effective tool for communicating your business’ unique message and branding.  Acrylic is an excellent option for building your company’s custom sign.  Acrylic signs use a rigid high-quality material that stands up to day-to-day wear and is durable in the face of our harsh Milwaukee winters.

Acrylic signs have numerous applications for your business.  Using various colors, transparencies, finishes and thicknesses, acrylic signs can be formed in numerous ways to effectively communicate to your customers.  Our signage professionals will work with you to design and create the ideal custom acrylic sign for your business.

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What Are Acrylic Signs Used For?

At Heartland Signs and Graphics, we’re passionate about providing premium signage that meets your needs. Known for its versatility, acrylic is suitable for interior and exterior signs in Milwaukee, WI, including:

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Learning About Specialty Types of Acrylic Business Signs

Compared to metal and glass, acrylic has unique signage properties. Consider how these specialty options that we offer at Heartland Signs and Graphics will elevate your business, both indoors and outdoors:

Clear Acrylic Signs

These acrylic letters for signs are made with transparent materials and a high-gloss finish that imitates the look of glass. Clear signs provide businesses with a modern and professional style.

Frosted Acrylic Signs

Translucent materials and a matte finish mimic the look of frosted glass. These signs are ideal for businesses that want to increase the level of privacy to doors or windows.

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic can be custom-shaped into 3D letters, 3d acrylic signage to make channel or dimensional letters. The only difference between these two options is whether lighting is added to increase visibility. Ask our team about adding illumination to these custom acrylic letters.

Three-Dimensional Acrylic Signs

It is possible to achieve three-dimensional effects using different printing processes. These effects are an excellent option if you’re looking for your acrylic logo signs to stand out. 

Discover the Benefits of Acrylic Logo Sign

Just as each business is unique, each sign solution we offer is unique in its communication method, design style, and set of advantages. Whether you’re looking for a sign that fits your budget or have a custom design in mind, here are the benefits that investing in acrylic signs near me unlocks for your business:


From molded, three-dimensional letters to transparent lobby signs, acrylic is extremely versatile. Our designers at Heartland Signs and Graphics will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind sign that fits your vision. From the size and color to the opacity and finish, you can choose all the design elements to create your perfect custom acrylic signs.


Looking for a sign that is built to last? Acrylic is resistant to impact, shattering, scratches, and discoloration. While it resembles glass in appearance, that is where the similarities end. Acrylic is an enduring and budget-friendly signage material.


Acrylic signs can be installed almost anywhere because they are lightweight. Whether you mount these acrylic signage signs to a wall or hang them from the ceiling, your choices are nearly endless. Display your custom acrylic logo sign with maximum impact with help from our professional installation team.

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