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Did you know start-up and small businesses attract 50% of their new customers through their signage? The importance of noticeable signs in Milwaukee, WI, cannot be underestimated. This is why channel letter signs are one of the most popular options for elevating your storefront. These signs feature individually crafted, 3D letters made from acrylic, vinyl, and metal. Once mounted, they create a bold effect that is eye-catching and compelling. Channel letters can be customized to embody your business’s branding, and illuminated elements ensure your location stands out, even at night or in poor lighting conditions. At Heartland Signs and Graphics, we are a full-service sign company that provides customers with top-notch signage options, designs, and installation services. As custom signs are the key to setting your business up for success, we hold each of our signs to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

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Types of Channel Letters

One of the reasons channel letter signs are commonly chosen by businesses is that they are easy to customize. These signs can incorporate your company’s font and logo, but the possibilities don’t stop there. If you’re considering channel letters, here are common styles to consider:

Front-Lit Channel Letters

These hollow letters are traditionally made from aluminum and acrylic. Lights are added inside each letter, creating a bright, illuminated effect at night and in low-visibility conditions.

Halo-Lit Channel Letters

Also known as reverse channel letters or back-lit channel letters, this sign features individual letters made from metal. During installation, lights are added behind the letters to produce a halo effect. Halo-lit channel letters are perfect for anyone seeking a sleek and modern look for their sign.

Front and Back-Lit Channel Letters

Combine the benefits of front and back-lit channel letters for your custom sign. Heartland Signs and Graphics will work with you to personalize your sign’s lighting elements for maximum impact.

Make Use of the Benefits Offered by Channel Letters

Every business owner in Milwaukee, WI, faces challenges from time to time. Our team at Heartland Signs and Graphics will learn about your pain points and determine how we can solve them through effective signage. Here are some solutions channel letter signs provide:

Increased Visibility

Thanks to channel letters’ eye-catching display, customers will have no problems locating your storefront again. Impactful signage can also give your business a boost in foot traffic by capturing the attention of anyone passing by.

Permanent Advertising

Signs are your all-star players, as they work 24/7, unlike other advertisements. Spread the word about your business with minimal effort by investing in a quality exterior sign.

Shine All Night

The illuminated elements of channel letter signs make them an ideal option for businesses that operate at night, especially pharmacies, medical centers, veterinary clinics, and restaurants. Visitors will be grateful knowing they can find your business easily regardless of the time of day.

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It’s time to take your business sign to the next level with channel letters. Our team at Heartland Signs and Graphics is ready to guide you through the design, manufacturing, and installation of your custom sign. Whether you are a returning customer or it’s your first time working with us, we guarantee your sign will meet our high standards. Our goal is to set your Milwaukee, WI business on for success. Contact us today to book your consultation.