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Custom Light Up Signs Milwaukee, WI

If you’re ready to shine a light on your business in Milwaukee, LED signs from Heartland Signs and Graphics are a brilliant option.

These signs instantly elevate your business’s branding, by incorporating dynamic lighting and enhancing visibility. LED signs’ durability and energy efficiency set them apart from other lighted signs, meaning they deliver high-impact messages with valuable energy savings. 

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Discover the Types of LED Signs

Finding the right sign is essential to achieving your signage goals in Southeast Wisconsin. Heartland Signs and Graphics offers a multitude of different types of custom LED signs and our sign specialists will walk you through their unique advantages. Here are a couple popular examples to get you started:

Channel letters

These striking signs are popular for exterior storefronts. Channel letters can create different moods and effects depending on how light is used to illuminate your advertisement.

Interior LED Signs

Add lighting to your company’s lobby sign to make a memorable impression on visitors. Additionally, LED signs can assist with wayfinding or identifying important features like emergency exits or stairwells.

Lightbox Signs

A popular type of custom light-up sign is the lightbox or cabinet sign. These illuminated sign boxes can be mounted on walls, pylons, and monuments for a stunning effect.

Programmable LED boards

These signs allow you to create dynamic and engaging content for customers. Games, promotions, and animations are just some of the possibilities when you invest in LED boards.

Neon LED Signs

If you’re searching for personalized neon signs, these are a great option. These signs capture a retro look without the use of neon gas. Instead, energy-efficient LED lights bring your message to life. Contact Heartland Signs and Graphics to add a splash of color with our custom-made neon signs.

Customizing Your LED Sign

We know business owners in Milwaukee, WI, are interested in unique signs or custom LED neon signs to set them apart from their competition. These signs are versatile, which allows for a high degree of customization, as well as many excellent functions for your business’s marketing strategy. Our team will work with you to fine-tune every detail, including:

Learn the Benefits of LED Signs

We don’t just make signs at Heartland Signs and Graphics — we listen to our customers. That way, we understand your challenges and can offer signage solutions that combat them directly for your business in Milwaukee, WI.

Here are a few benefits to consider with our LED signs:


LEDs are an affordable option to get your message across compared to other lighting elements.


LEDs last much longer than traditional bulbs, which lengthens their lifespan interior and exterior signs. This reduces the amount of maintenance work that will be required to keep it shining brightly.


LED signs use a fraction of the energy of traditional light sources. Reduce your business’s environmental impacts and lower energy costs with this type of sign.


Illuminated signs help people find your location, even in extreme weather or late at night. Make your business consistently visible with an LED sign.
Custom LED Signs for Business

Working with Heartland Signs and Graphics

If you’re searching for effective signage in Milwaukee, light-up signs are a bright and bold option. Heartland Signs and Graphics is your local sign company, specializing in high-quality signs and exceptional customer experience. Our talented professionals are ready to start on your custom neon sign or LED sign.

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