The Impact of Lobby Signs on Your Business Success

Lobby signs are a marketing and communications tool that will make a big impact for your business in Milwaukee, WI. When customers, clients, guests, and new employees enter your facility, it only takes a few moments for them to form an impression about your business. A trusted way to generate a great impression and set the tone for them to have a positive experience is with professional signage.

There are a variety of signs, such as acrylic signs, illuminated signs, digital signs, metal signs, and more that will help you achieve this objective. Our team at Heartland Signs and Graphics can help you identify the right combination of signs for your lobby.
Simply reach out to us to discuss what you have in mind or explore the following ideas.

Eight Ways to Make an Impact with Impressive Lobby Signs

Here are creative ways to harness the power of lobby signage to support your business’s success:

  1. Display your company logo: A large lobby logo sign will command attention when guests arrive. It can be crafted as an acrylic sign or wall graphic that showcases your brand and reaffirms that guests have arrived at the right location.
  2. Create a focal point: Like a lobby logo sign, additional sign types will also be noticed by people when they enter your business. Consider a wall mural that will transform an entire wall to create a focal point that will have all eyes on your branded design and/or message.
  3. Enhance the ambiance: A combination of signs will not only promote your brand and communicate information, but they’ll also enhance your business environment. They will boost your décor and create an atmosphere that’s professional and welcoming for guests and employees alike.
  4. Provide wayfinding information: Guests arriving at your business for the first time will appreciate a helping hand with navigation. Wayfinding signs in your lobby are designed to provide much-needed directions to the areas of your business that people are looking for.
  5. Showcase your achievements: If your lobby is an area where guests spend some time, you can help enhance their experience with informative signs. Consider wall graphics, murals, or other signage that educates guests about your company history, achievements, and more to let them know why you’re the best business for their needs.
  6. Educate customers and guests: Custom lobby signs are also an effective tool for informing people about your offerings. Different types of signs can be crafted to list your products and services or even showcase some of your new or popular offerings. Customers will appreciate signs that help them make informed purchases.
  7. Offer guidance when people arrive: If you’d like guests and visitors to take specific action when they arrive, signs can be crafted to display these messages. These types of signs are especially important in unstaffed lobbies so that people know what’s expected of them upon arrival.
  8. Communicate news, events, and updates: Digital signs are a cutting-edge type of signage that allows you to provide information in real time. Whether you have news, events, or updates to share, a LED sign will let you communicate this information quickly and easily within your business.

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To get started on any of our sign ideas or discuss an original idea, reach out to us. We are happy to bring your signage ideas to life through our fulsome process for business signs. Simply connect with us to get started and book a free consultation for your Milwaukee, WI, business.

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